About Us

EC House Concept
The pioneer EC House Hair Stylists are professionally trained by Japanese instructors, who impart the proficient expertise of different hair cutting technique as well as quick hair cutting skill. The Japanese-trained hair stylists then train the succeeding hair stylists in EC House. Our hair stylists are well trained on their skills and our concept before being assigned to the outlets. The staff in EC House is highly motivated to move along with the company bringing it to greater heights. The Company also takes added care to the welfare of the staff, including sending them overseas to Japan.

EC House’s Express Cut hygiene policy ensures that every customer is provided with a new set of towel and comb. A sanitation facility is available at every station to ensure the equipments used for the haircut are disinfected. EC House Express Cut employs not only the finest in technology but in hair stylists as well. All EC House Hair stylists are well trained in fast cut techniques by professionals trained in Japan and each cut ensures a natural finishing. As such, customers will neither have the ‘sticky’ feeling nor the ‘disheveled’ look after their cut.
High Technology + Innovative Concept & Efficiency
EC House pioneer hairstylists are specially trained in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong by our very own reputable Japanese instructors in the professional field who acquire versatile hair cutting techniques in trend.

Apart from beauty hair aesthesis, our hairstylists incorporates speed and accuracy called the “Express Cut” skills to provided time and efficiency to our customers. Their competency assures satisfying conception pertaining to any hairstyling requirements in the fast pace environment.

We are dedicated to our objective in providing prompt and economical personal grooming through our Avant Garde technologies and we strive to maintain a high standard of quality and hygiene with continuous improvement to our services.
Our Cutting Procedures
When customers enter EC House, our friendly staff will warmly greet them “Konichiwa”! Customers will then be directed to slot in a S$10.00 note into the vending machine located at the entrance. When the note is accepted, the machine will issue a ticket for the customers to hold on to and wait for their turn to have their haircut. With the hassle free concept, customers need not call up the outlet to fix appointment for their cut. EC House serves any walk in customers for any hairstyle, length and design.

Customers can then proceed to an available hairstylist for their haircut with a natural finishing by our Japan-trained hairstylists!

Our hairstylists will then use the revolutionary “Air Washer” method to clear off the cut off hair effectively and thoroughly without getting the customers’ hair wet!