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To be the international obvious choice in the express grooming service industry.

We strive to provide our customers with holistic experiences before, during and after their haircuts through quality haircuts, strict hygiene standards and knowledge sharing. Since EC House’s establishment, we have launched 32 outlets across the country and expanded operations to Hong Kong.
Our success can be attributed to the grounding of our business in three core values:

Efficiency – Masters of Hair & Time
As the saying goes: more haste, less speed. With the thorough training, EC House stylists are skilled at making every second count.

Skilled Hands, Quality Tools – Masters of Scissors & Comb
Being accomplished at wielding the tools of the trade gives our stylists the ability to express customers’ individuality through their hairstyles.

Humble Price – Masters of Cents & Sense
At EC House, we aim to deliver the best possible value for an express haircut.

EC House believes in investing in technology to improve our services. We understand the importance of cleanliness and work to ensure that high hygiene standards are maintained in our stores. All hairstyling tools are disinfected use with state-of-the-art UV ray machines before use.
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